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  • Antonio Rguez. Andrés

    Infrastructure Architect

  • Marisa de la Serna

    Software Engineer

  • Manuel Colomé Pérez

    Software Engineer

  • Antonio Jiménez Martínez

    Software Engineer

  • Eduardo Sánchez Rubio

    UX MAnager

  • Erik Sebastián de Erice

    VP of Product

  • Luciano Cerdán

    Process & Product QA Manager

  • Jorge Bravo Hervias

    Product & MK Manager

  • Sergio Fernández

    VP of Mobility

  • Víctor Rodríguez

    Software Engineer

  • Miguel del Mazo

    Web Architect

  • Omar Olabi

    Frontend Developer

  • Ernesto García

    Software Engineer

  • Verónica Lago

    Software Engineer

  • Ana Aguilar

    Software Engineer

  • Alfonso Miranda

    Software Engineer

  • Inma García de la Rosa

    QA Tester

  • Raquel García de la Rosa

    QA Tester

  • Tiffany Rose Ramirez

    Influencer Marketing Manager

  • Sarah Schwed

    Content Manager

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